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Man induced desertification is a major problem in arid areas of Kazakhstan. Soil degradation often follows vegetation removal and prevents natural vegetation from re-establishing. Full recultivation associated with decommissioning procedures is costly and may bring poor results. We develop site-specific, effective and economic techniques for protection and replenishment of sustainable natural vegetation cover and the reduction of visual impact from a given operation. We suggest structural changes and educate the client's personnel to make continuous revegetation possible and avoid a "last attempt" approach that can be associated with decommissions.

Specific services:

  • Develop revegetation plans and cost for implementation
  • Perform pilot studies to determine site specifics
  • Improve personnel awareness and management structures related to revegetation issues
  • Show predicted visual impact mitigation by using specialized software
  • Set up hydrometeorological station to determine watering requirements

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We are looking for graduates in the environmental health and safety subjects studied in English language environment