eubankEBRD Senior environmental and social advisors 

1) "What a heroic effort turning this around so quickly, thanks!!!"

2) "...As a result of our meeting, the references you sent about the experts and my review of the Atash Marine Base EIA. I can say there will not be a need for a Gap Analysis by an external party."

3) "I am very pleased to hear that you will be monitoring the project implementation. As I have always said I had been very pleased with the quality of your work and your cooperation during the EDD. I hope our close relation will continue during the implementation stage."

4) "I reviewed the Resettlement Action Plan... you have done a very good job on it!!!”

5) "The overall quality of the work done is very good. Nicely written in a concise manner, but without omitting important details."

6) "I am sure [National Railway Company] Kaztemirzholy greatly benefited from your expert services in hand-on assistance and the ESAP implementation. [KTZ] said that they appreciated very much the consultant presence."

7) Thank you for your detailed and comprehensive reports...good piece of work! 

 world bankWorld Bank (Lead Economist and Lead Energy Specialist) 

“...We appreciate the significant progress that has been made in a pilot cleanup and oil recovery (under the Uzen oil field rehabilitation project loan supported by the government of Kazakhstan) and note that it is in keeping with the Bank’s policy of sustainable development and promotion of social development.”

 AgipOKIOC(Agip KCO) (HSE Manager Greg Cresswell) 

“... prepared for the MENR the Review of the North Caspian Sea Exploration Project EIA is a very constructive tool for implementing exploration drilling. Because of the exceptional quality and usefulness of this product, OKIOC accepts and commits to implement all your comments to improve the Project."

 1249730011 kz gerbMinistry of Environmental Protection Office, Kyzyl Orda (Head of the State Environmental Expertise)

 “We would like to note the high professionalism and quality of the project and analytical data of the prepared cleanup and recultivation plan. The cleanup methods screening, accounting for all positive and negative aspects and the cost-benefit analysis for each screened method particularly impressed me. I hope that the diligence and professionalism of your specialists will serve for the welfare of our Republic and the health of the people of Kazakhstan. Thank you.”

 image001UzenMunayGas (Environmental Project Coordinator) 

“Together with Ecology & Environment, Inc (USA) your team did a superior job in completing an environmental audit on a portion of the Uzenmunaigas oil field that was significantly complex in nature and contaminated from variety of sources. I understand the regional environmental authorities proclaimed it to be ‘...the best environmental study they have ever seen’. Professional work of this nature deserves to be complemented and I am happy to do..."

 CARECRegional Center in Central Asia (CAREC) (Director) 

…thanks for your cooperation and support of subregional seminar on “Strengthening of the Central Asia countries potential in the Assessment of Environmental Impact in transboundary context”. Your contribution has made the seminar useful in a practical manner."

 EnvironEnviron, UK (Senior Consultant)

 “I am very happy indeed with ESA specialists helping in audit of 2 oil terminals, 2 oil fields and a chemical plant and will always contact you when we get future projects in Kazakhstan… EBRD sounds delighted with our tenacity.”.

 Price Waterhouse Coopers Price-WaterhouseСoopers (Project Manager) 

“… very pleased with Assessment of Risk from Environmental Regulations you did…” The work was used for technical assistance to three major Kazakhstan banks that were reviewed by EBRD as financial intermediary."

 AtkinsWS Atkins (Associate Water and Environment) 

I would like to thank you for all your efforts in undertaking the audit and generating the report, which was received very well by EBRD. It was an achievement to meet the very tight timescales on this one".

arup Arup (Associate on Traffic Survey) 

The data is clear and the information provided gives a good insight into how the local highways work and the level of service at the junctions". "We accept the BREEAM Flood Risk Assessment in the first reading without comments".


Arup (Sustainability and BREEAM Consultant) 

The ecology report is a very concise document, well presented and should be accepted by the BRE“.

 datoba construction topDatoba Construction LLP (Director) 

“We appreciate the special effort you put into the work, your ability to communicate and respond to the particularly demanding issues associated with construction work. Datoba is happy to include you in all our related work from extensive high-level international projects for companies like McDermott and Halliburton to projects associated with local construction firms and related laws and regulation of Kazakhstan.” 



Environ Senior Consultant

"Thank you for your assistance with the Weatherford base exit audit. Weatherford is very happy with the report."

 logoRoxi Petroleum (COO) 

“Great job! The due diligence reports you compiled on each of seven of our oil fields met all requirements of the Alternate Investment Market (AIM) as well as our investors. The ESIA was equally appreciated by our team as is your oil field microbiological remediation efforts. We hope we can continue to work with you into the future.”

 logo englILF GmBH (Senior Consultant) 

“Thank you for the fine preEIA Pipeline Kenkiyak-Atyrau (which) impressive with special regards to the data collected, the evaluation of the results… and the professional interpretation and handling of the for the Crude Oil is very environmental issues addresses. To accomplish such work in the short period available denotes the highest praise.”

 Caspian Services Group Balykshi, a subsidiary of Caspian Services (Director). 

“Thank you for providing continuous and very reliable services to our development company for the past two years. Your ability to solve problems, work with local people and organizations like the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is commendable. We hope we will be able to work together for many years to come.”

   UNECE logoUNECE Assessment (speach at the subregional Seminar for Central Asian Countries). 

“...the Medeu and Shymbulak EIA has been carried out up-to-the-mark and in accordance with the scale of the project. I understand that it was not easy to approve the EIA with all authorized agencies, but I can see the high level of the job performed. Such an example testifies that EIA procedures are available in Kazakhstan, and they are applied properly. By the example of the Project, we saw both a complete chain of the environmental assessment, and subsequent monitoring of the implementation of the planned environmental measures as well.”

   КМБПЧ Kazakhstan International Bureau on Human Rights (Inara Aldybayeva).

“It is important to note that the public consultations for Atash Base construction were conducted critically and professionally using an individual approach for each family to be relocated...Being responsible for resettlement, you have strictly followed the regulations of national legislation and the EBRD environmental and social policies ...”

 Walsh Engineering  logo web2sm WALSH Environmental for Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corporation (Field Manager)

“…Highly pleased with the work on Environmental Audit of Arman Oil Field you have performed.”


Capital PartnersAlmaty Financial District LLC (General Director)

“My gratitude for the high quality of the Environmental Protection Chapters made in required time. I learned that your highly professional specialists are able to cope with high complexity and demands of the modern industry.”

  philipmorris3Philip Morris Kazakhstan (Health & Safety Manager)

“...We would like to kindly express our gratitude...for the qualitative development of the water management system, preparation of application and permit for wastewater discharge, and preparation and evaluation of technical specifications. The above work has been...carried out at a highly professional level and in the time frame established. In the  future, we will try to involve your specialists to prepare environmental projects. ”.

 Golder Associates UKGolder Associates UK (Regional Manager)

“We would like to say a very big thank you for your quick turn around time on translations and all your help and input to EBRD Tender for HS Management in Mining (Kazakhstan). Your team's efficiency really made things so much easier for us. Maarten says you can have a pint on him!"Ecotera(Director)

“Your review of Kashagan Experimental Programme Pre-EIA Addendum was well thought out and presented. I fully intend to recommend your comments to be accepted by our clients, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, RoK and be acted upon by AgipKCO.”


 JSC Production Services Network / KazStroy (Director)

“I would like to commend you for providing a very high level summary of applicable environmental regulations pertaining to the potential impact of development and future operation of a facility bordering the Caspian Sea. Working within a very short time frame the company provided an excellent risk analysis with supporting data that allowed our team to make clear decisions regarding our involvement in the project. We look forward to working with you again!"

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