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In the last 20-years or so, international developments have verified that not only is worker safety of utmost concern from a personal standpoint but that it is economically viable to create and maintain a good health and safety (HS), and emergency response (ER) culture in the working place. This consideration can't be achieved through compliance with RoK legislation alone but requires the establishment of a behavioral safety mentality. In short, a "bottoms-up" approach in which all concerned parties are involved in eliminating potential unsafe behaviors and activities. ESA's approach in this respect is to improve employee's perceptions through training and awareness improvement programs.

As part of our objective, we identify particular workflow processes that may inadvertently lead people to behave unsafely and/or be subjected to unsafe practices.

We incorporate our approach into our client's policies, plans, and programs to ensure workable results are obtained that are in keeping with the client's wishes.

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We are looking for graduates in the environmental health and safety subjects studied in English language environment