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Often time's considerable effort is spent collecting baseline information but the experience required to place that information into the context of impact prediction and the separation of natural fluctuations from the impact imposed by the planned development may not be forthcoming. In recognition of this, EcoSocio Analysts, using both local and western specialists as required, provides an internationally recognized approach to environmental impact assessment (EIA).

In this respect EcoSocio Analysts:

  • Collects, analyse reliability and identify gaps in existing data, plan media sampling and use modern methods in social data collection;
  • Utilizes matrixes to check for all possible impacts and rate them in accordance to significance(aka impact scoping);
  • Has the required knowledge of developed technology processes and access to updated processes that allow us to make the correct impact predictions;
  • Utilizes advanced impact modeling software and techniques like impact multiplier calculation to account for delayed and cumulative impacts and remote sensing and GIS, to explore infrastructure requirements for alternative scenarios;
  • Is able to compare our efforts to similar efforts previously compiled by our associated western companies and thereby formulate supporting analogies and reduce potential questions;
  • Recommends cost effective mitigation measuresin line with BATNEEC principle (best available techniques not entailing excessive costs);
  • Develops monitoring plans that will allow verification of predicted impact and alter mitigation measures; and
  • Assesses environmental risk for each aspect of development and produce emergency response plans to minimize those risks.
  • Use key indicators selected according to international sustainable development guidelines and principals to develop environmental and social management plans with one, three and five year targets.

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We are looking for graduates in the environmental health and safety subjects studied in English language environment