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Currently, many waste disposal plant managers have come to realize that short-term, dispose- your-waste-anywhere solutions are no longer acceptable to society or in keeping with existing laws and regulations of the RoK. Disposal companies can be held accountable in courts of law and ordered to clean-up whole landfill sites when e.g., groundwater becomes contaminated.

To protect our clients from being subjected to the "dipping into a deep pocket" experience, we advocate the use of planning and carefully thinking about what is to be disposed and where. If possible this can include tracking hazardous wastes from its origin to its final resting place.

To employ this approach, knowledge of international experience is required as current RoK laws are not complete. This approach, fully in keeping with regulations and social obligations, decreases potential immediate and future disposal problems while being cognizant that not "everything" must be disposed (and paid for) in a secure landfill.

Specific services:

  • Subsurface window sampling to 10m with percussion hammer
  • Develop Waste Management Plans that are based on the "Four Rs principle" (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover energy)
  • Assess existing waste and investigate potential unrecorded disposal/dumping made in the past
  • Use knowledge of existing and prospective government requirements and a good practice approach to protect the client from claims made in future
  • Check current record keeping and labeling practices for data omissions
  • Suggest improvements in organizational procedures and management structure
  • Construct landfill according to the best international standards
  • Develop and install a waste management database

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