Window sampling

Samples taken with percussion drilling suffer minimal disturbance and at the least risk of cross contamination.
Sampling of ground contamination with minor disturbance to wildlife in the Ural Delta wetland nature reserve was only possible using percussion drilling

EcoSocio Analysts LLC is offering an established and reputable method of percussion drilling to its Central Asian Clients. Subsurface sampling with percussion hammer (also known as window sampling and dynamic probing) for site investigation is a complete and many sided system used for sampling up to a depth of 10m in almost any type of unconsolidated not sandy ground. Because the sampling bits deflect around hard rubble and artifacts, it can be deployed on dump sites and other such areas. The method can also be used on unstable, soggy and flooded grounds above, within, and under an aquifer. Ground and water can be sampled under existing buildings and roads by using the drill’s rotating capabilities and a diamond drill bit.

The specially constructed and strengthened core samplers with side windows with 32 to 80mm diameter and 1m to 2m length are driven into the ground by a petrol kango hammer. The engine piston hammers directly onto the sampler. In a short period of time a dense sampling pattern can be completed due to the drills fast and effective sampling capabilities. Five to six boreholes to a depth of about 5 m to 6 m can be normally completed per day. Easy and safe transfer and operation is ensured by using the 1 m long extension rods.

Sampling for seasonal variation of metal deposition in a reed chocked wetland.

Using this technique up to 100% of undisturbed core can be recovered and cross contamination effectively avoided. In unstable sediments use of a synthetic sampling tube and sand catching device further preserves the core. The high recovery rate allows the sampling depths to be determined with precision. To this extent even thin seams of visible changes in soil or layers of accumulated contamination can be observed.

The equipment can be operated in a headroom of as little as 2.2 m. It is selfcontained, requires a small working area and causes minimal disturbance to surface. When electrical hammer is used, sampling can be carried out safely inside buildings.

Special well casing and filters made of high density polyethylene allow quick installation of monitoring wells with long service life and eliminates ambiguity in analytical results interpretation.

  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • Groundwater monitoring and cleanup wells installation
  • Investigation of waste and sludge pits inaccessible for heavy equipment
  • Soil-gas surveys
  • Semiquantitative testing of soil strength
  • Undisturbed samples for shear strength tests
  • Probing for loose zones, filled ground and dry granular deposits underlying clay
  • Groundwater level and clay desiccation depth measuring
  • Quick fencing for access restriction
Water saturated aquifer sediments and very thin seams of contamination can be captured with precise determination of depth

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